Happy Summer!

You wouldn’t know it was summer by looking at the weather here. The high was 69° today and I think less than that yesterday. 

But the kids are almost out of school so that’s a big clue that it’s summertime. 

And this polish screams summer! 

Meet Zoya Charisma…

Zoya describes this as

“an ultra bright neon fluorescent magenta/red-toned purple cream. This neon shade dries matte, but also can be worn with topcoat for a glossy finish.”

It is more purple than it looks in this picture but it’s not a deep as the bottle shown on the Zoya site. 

It’s a little persnickety in that its thin and tends to be streaky but I think I’ve found the solution…and I like it a lot better than a base of white: two coats of ridge filler as the base! As the description states, it dries matte since it’s a neon. But a shiny top coat brings out the shine! 

I love this one so much I actually have a backup!

Do you like neon polish? 

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Zoya Island Fun Nail Art

Press Samples

I received the Zoya Island Fun and Paradise Sun collections in the mail yesterday. They are such beautiful colors! The Island Fun collection are all cremes and the Paradise Sun collection are all micronized pearl finishes. They can be purchased from Zoya.com.

Here’s the nail are I tried out. It looks complicated but it’s really just dots made with my dotting tool. 

I used Demetria, Talia and Jace. The idea for the medallion came from the art journaling class I’ve been taking. During that I’ve discovered the art of Zentangles. I’ve been having a really good time with the journal as well as with doodling. 

Go check out the other colors in these two collections. They’re so yummy and summery!

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Julep Nail Art

(Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.) 

Today I have some nail art featuring Jilep Connie and Angie. Connie is a bright purple jelly and Angie is a silver holographic. 


I used three coats of Connie and after it was really dry, I taped off the corners and painted Angie. This is such and easy way to add nail art to your mani!

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Spring Brights

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  • Mavens get benefits all month long at Julep – like 20% off Julep.com, free shipping, early access to secret sales and more – imagine what you can save on your shopping!
  • A Maven subscription is also a great gift for the nail polish and beauty product lover in your life.

Join Julep Maven and get the Spring Brights Welcome Box FREE ($62 value) – just pay $2.99 shippingEnter the code SUMMERFUN at checkout. 

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NOTD :: Maybe Leopard?

I was going for leopard spots on this one. What do you think?


A friend of mine looked at it and said it looked just like something you’d find in Justice. I call that a win!

Polish used:

Base – Zoya Perrie

Pink – Zoya Eden

Dark Purple – Zoya Pinta

There is a middle toned purple…it’s a mix of Eden and Pinta. I was just playing with the leftover polish on my pallet and it turned out to be a nice color so on it went. 

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NOTD :: Jamicure with Quilted

Yes, I’m wearing Jamberry Nail wraps! Aren’t they fun? This design is Quilted. And they look great on my ballerina nails! 

Have you tried Jamberry Nails? They are an easy way to get some great nail art on your nails. They are billed as being able to stay on for two weeks. I’ve never gotten that long out of them, but after 7 days I’m usually ready for a change anyway. 

If you’d like to try some and don’t know someone who is a Jamberry Representative, check out Jams with Anne. 

What do you think of these? Have you tried them?

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Twisted Polish Heart Throb

I just found this one in the vault. This polish is just lovely! In real life, the holo shows up much better on the nail. 




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NOTD :: LynBDesigns

How about some holo goodness this morning? 

This is LynBDesigns Am I Ginger?

It’s a gorgeous rusty orange and look at that holo!

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Zoya Delight

Media Sample

I received the Zoya Delight collection in the mail and had to try it out right away. The colors are so happy and so candy-sweet!

Here is a mani with Eden, described as a classic spring flower pink cream with an accent watermarble. For the watermarble I used Eden, Tiana (pistachio gelato green cream) and Rayne (dewy, spring blue metallic). The reason I didn’t use Lillian, the faded aquamarine cream, is because the bottle I received had a broken neck and it made the polish super goopy. I’ve decanted it into an empty polish bottle and worked some polish renewal drops into it.


The holo sparkle top coat I put on my middle finger is an unnamed spectraflair top coat I bought ages ago.

How about another close up?


And this watermarble was the easiest clean up ever. I used some hair bonding glue
(which is basically liquid latex, similar to Liquid Palisade ) and painted it around my nail and finger. After I dipped in the marbled polish, I just pulled the latex off! Easy peasy!

Are you ready for spring colors? Or are you still enjoying the deep winter colors?

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Ana the lovely (and difficult)

Here is Zoya Ana. She’s a beautiful off-white.


And I know you can all see the sheet marks on this mani.

I’m calling it Satin Sheet Finish.

Sorry, I’m not sorry.

I put this polish on around 7:30 last night and went to bed around 9:30. Obviously plenty of time when I put on a quick dry top coat. But these don’t have a top coat.

And the day before I put Ana on around 10:30 in the morning and took a nap around 2. I got sheet marks on that mani. That’s an exceptionally long time for a polish to still be dentable (is that even a word?).

I didn’t have this problem with Brittany. I need to email Zoya to see if anyone else has noticed this issue.

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Since New Year’s Day…

(I got so excited about the Zoya Satins, I posted that swatch yesterday before posting this one!)

This was my mani on January 1, 2015. I kept thinking I would do some nail art, but I just loved the satin finish!

Then I decided to try a new-to-me nail shape: ballerina (or coffin…I like the sound of ballerina better). The shape is filed on the sides and square on top – like a ballerina’s pointe shoe.

I made the square top a little skinnier and showed off my flute in the process.


Now back to little round nubs.


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