Candy Mani

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Ooh, this mani made me happy! I can’t decide if I think it looks like a summer sunset on the beach or candy.

Either way, it’s so fun!!



Look at the shimmer in the pink!


Polish used:

Base: White
Blue: Julep Bailey
Purple: Julep Flora
Pink: Julep Maren

Are you a Julep Maven?

Want to see more Nail Colors? They’ve recently updated that page for more color goodness!

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Mini French

Here’s a quick mani using tape again. I love the neon against the neutral.

The base color is We’re Not Broken, Just Bent by Ellagee.


It’s a great neutral shade with linear and scattered holo throughout. Love!

Then I taped off just a bit of the tips and used China Glaze You Drive Me Coconuts.

Is this a style you might try?


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Spring Waterfall Mani

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I got this Wizard of Oz Collection from the Julep store last month and I just had to do some springy nail art with it. But I didn’t have lots of time.

Enter the waterfall mani!


The base color is Emerald City. This is the perfect green for my skin tone! The first layer of stripes is Glinda the Good Witch, a frosty pearl. The next layer is Tin Man. I’m going to have to swatch this one on its own…it’s an amazing silver holo! And the final layer is Ruby Slippers. It’s a red glitter topper. I think it looks like a flower garden!

The set comes in this great foiled box. It was really hard to photograph so pardon the shadows.


And the inside…


What do you think of this collection? You can buy it here: The Wizard of Oz Collection

Are you a Julep Maven?

Want to see more Nail Colors? They’ve recently updated that page for more color goodness!


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Zoya (My)Box™ Subscription Box coming soon!!



Do you have enough beauty product samples to makeover an army? Are you sick and tired of receiving yet another subscription box filled with cosmetics you’ll never use? If your an- swer is YES to either of these questions, the NEW Zoya (MY)BOX™ Subscription is just what you need!
(MY)BOX™ by ZOYA features four exciting new subscription box styles that are tailored to each individual subscriber each month – YOUR BOX, YOUR WAY! All you have to do is take a brief quiz and let our (MY)BOX™ experts do the rest.

Month to Month – $29.99
6 Month Subscription – $149.95
BEST DEAL! 12 Month Subscription – $239.97

© 2014 Art of Beauty Inc. All rights reserved

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What I Love Now: John Masters Lip Calm


(photo credit: John Masters PR)

I have recently discovered this incredible lip stuff (that’s what we call lip balm at my house). I was scrolling through Facebook and the Real Simple page posted a link to some beauty products. This was one of them. (*on a side note, a few days later, Real Simple posted a link to a “great” nail polish tip: dry your nails quickly in ice water. Oh dear. What a non-tip, and not so great.)

Back to the Lip Calm. I read the ingredients (a partial list is below) and loved and could pronounce every one of them. So, I ordered two tubes. Because you can’t have just one tube of lip stuff. You need at least one in your vanity and one in your purse.

Am I right?

I <3 the way this feels! It’s so smooth going on. The lime/citrus oils make it taste great! And I already love jojoba oil for it’s moisturizing properties.



Lip Calm $6.00
Soothing, moisturizing and invigorating, the finest organic ingredients are combined in this extraordinarily effective lip balm. Perfect for lip protection against cold and wind. Sweet and light flavor with an invigorating scent. .15 oz.
Made with 10 certified-organic ingredients, including:
• lemon & lime – antioxidant; great flavor
• tangerine – antioxidant; great flavor
• olive oil – high in antioxidants and binds moisture to the skin; humectant
• jojoba oil – moisturizes
• borage oil – restores moisture; highest GLA source

All John Masters Organics products are available at

About John Masters Organics
John Masters Organics created the luxury organic segment. From his humble beginnings mixing organic essential oils and herbs in his kitchen sink, to the more than 30 luxury organic products carried around the world, John Masters continues his 15-year labor of love as a leader and innovator in the beauty care industry. All ingredients and products must meet John’s strict guidelines, including but not limited to: all products must be 75-100% organic, no petroleum based or non-carbon based ingredients are allowed.


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Some Julep Nail Art

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Are you a Julep Maven?

I have been for a while now and I really like their polishes. The colors are great (except for the random icky green one) and the formula is nice.

Here is Julep Rae with Margaret on the accent. I cut out the chevron strips to use as masks from blue painters tape and my chevron scrapbooking scissors.

See, utilizing my whole crafting supply…


This is a watermarble using polishes from the Contemporary Neutrals set I purchased from the Secret Store last month. I thought it looked like swirly chocolate milk. Yum!


And how about this beauty that I did for my friend’s birthday? She loves purple so this was perfect. The jewels are again from my crafting stash. They were pretty big and just stuck on there with the sticky that was already on the back.

They didn’t make it through my nap…


You can find Julep polishes on their website. Signing up to be a Maven gets you a great discount on these polishes as well as access to the secret store where you can find even more deals.

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Zoya Awaken Collection & Monet

Provided for review.

How about some pics of three of the polishes in this collection?

This first one is Zoya Rebel with Monet on the accent nail.


This is Dot. I love Dot. She’s perfectly pink in three coats! I probably could have gotten away with only two coats, but my mind kept saying, “pink needs three coats.”

And again, there’s Monet.


I wore Dillon, the green in this collection, for St. Patrick’s Day, but did I take a picture?

Enjoy your day!

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Zoya Cosmo :: Magical Pixie!

Provided for review.

I have been looking forward to these since I saw the press release! I loved the Pixie Dusts (and Zoya is one of my top faves) so I was certain I’d love these.

There are three colors in this collection: Cosmo (swatched here), Vega (blue) and Lux (a rose pink).

I tried on Vega first. I hated it. The first coat was ok, but the second coat was a blobby, gooey mess. I almost gave up on the other two right there. I went searching for some other reviews and I read that the trick was thin coats, working with the chunkiness of the polish. I also read that Vega was the thickest of the three.

I tried it again with Cosmo. This time with three thin, patient coats.


Gorgeous! There wasn’t much sun when I took this first picture, but you can just see the big holo glitter sparkling. This polish is quite a bit more textured than the Pixie Dusts. With the addition of the chunky glitter, it’s extra textured. I felt like I was wearing stone on my nails.

Here’s another picture when the sun made a quick appearance…


I think you can see the texture here. I really liked this one and I have hope for the other two now.

Have you tried the Magical Pixies?

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NOTD KB Shimmer Whole Lava Lovin’

Well here’s a beauty! This is Whole Lava Lovin’ from KB Shimmer’s Valentine’s 2014 collection. My perfectly wonderful polish friend, Lanerbell, sent it to me. I was in love the moment I saw the bottle!



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First Leopard Print

I finally decided to try some leopard nail art.

I know! Have I been living under a rock?

The base color is Formula X for Sephora in Hercules. It’s a great color all on its own!


But I wanted to take it up a notch, so I thought I’d try my hand at leopard spots. All the tutorials make it look so easy!

Well, I can see how it’s one of the easier types of nail art. I don’t think I quite have it down yet, though.

It looks a little like pink camo to me.

Would you try this look?

Polish used:
Formula X for Sephora Hercules – medium pink/base
OPI Chic from Ears to Tail – light pink spots
Formula X for Sephora – deep purple accents

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