Did you ever play with floam when you were a kid (or now, since they still make it)? This polish is appropriately named Floam. I think it’s a perfect name!

It’s a glitter polish, but the glitter is matte; it doesn’t sparkle. I think that just adds to the greatness of this polish! In these pictures, there are two coats of Floam over one coat of Sinful Colors Innocent. I will say that the SC polish really stained my nails when I took the polish off. You could get away with not using a base color coat with the Floam, but I wasn’t sure how well the coats were going to layer. Turns out they layer really well!





You can find Floam at NinjaPolish.com.

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4 Responses to Floam

  1. Jenny Reece says:

    What are your tricks for nail shape? The shape looks perfect. and…there is no mess around the nail (like mine) how do you get such clean lines around the cuticle?

    • Thanks Jenny!

      Let’s start with the clean cuticle. That I get from practice polishing my own nails. But I’m not perfect and when I’m not, my favorite method of clean up is to rub on the cuticles with a wash cloth I read at the end of my shower. For the most part, it will rub off any polish that got on my skin. Another method is to use acetone/polish remover and either a cotton swab or a small makeup brush to clean up the mess.

      As for nail shape, I just file my nails and pretty much follow the shape of where the free edge meets the nail bed. If you’re really interested, here is a great series on nail filing and shape: http://loodieloodieloodie.blogspot.com/search/label/Nail%20Files

  2. I have been craving this polish! It looks amazing.

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