Pinterest Success – DIY Shave Cream

I have been using hair conditioner as shaving cream for a long time now. Before that I used a high end shave gel and somewhere along the way I learned that this gel and conditioner were very similar. Something about the silicone. Or something.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I found this pin on Pinterest and was intrigued. I had all the ingredients so I mixed up a batch. I didn’t measure, I just guessed. And I’ll tell you what…this stuff is awesome!


I already had a little travel bottle that I was refilling with conditioner. I just added some shampoo to it (equalish in level to the conditioner) and then put in some baby oil and some no-name lotion (no-name because I got it as part of a testing program and I never know the brands of the stuff I’m testing out. It’s a shame, too, sometimes because I really like some of the products and have no idea how to go about buying them!).

At any rate, I let it sit overnight and the next morning it was wonderfully creamy. I used it and man, did it work! I even noticed that I didn’t have to rinse out my razor nearly as often. So not only did this work, but it shaved a few seconds off my shower time!

Ok, I know. Bad joke.

So if you’re into the DIY beauty stuff, you should definitely try this. Let me know how you like it!



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One Response to Pinterest Success – DIY Shave Cream

  1. Amanda (Mae) says:

    What abgreat ide, I Use conditioner or sha,poo too!

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