Color Club Sugarplum Fairy


I think we’ve already established that I like glitter. The sparkles just make me happy.

This polish is from the 2011 winter collection, but I think it’s great for any time of year! It’s got a slight pink tint (which I don’t think came out in any of these pictures) and LOTS of holo glitter. These pictures are a base coat (Perfect Formula base coat), three layers of Sugarplum Fairy and at least two coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri clear. The glitter is amazingly more smooth than most glitter polish. I still needed several coats of top coat just because I like super-smooth, but some glitter polish is so chunky it might get hung on your clothes, but not this one.

Have you ever tried to photograph glitter and sparkles? Tres difficult… So, pardon all the pictures. I was trying to get a good shot! This one is indoors, natural light.


These next few are in sunlight. Look at those sparkles in the bottle!





And then the obligatory out of focus shot to give you a better idea of the sparkle. I bet you didn’t even know there *was* an obligatory shot for pictures of glitter. You learn something new every day!


I really like this polish and I got many compliments on my nails while I was wearing this. It is certainly an eye-catcher!



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One Response to Color Club Sugarplum Fairy

  1. AuntDoc says:

    Where does one purchase this? I love it!!!

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