Club Rat – Spoiled by Wet n Wild

I was in CVS the other day and saw a display with a brand I’ve never seen before. Wet ‘n’ Wild apparently now has a line called Spoiled and it’s a CVS exclusive. It sold for $1.99. My guess is that it’s to compete with the Sinful Colors polish.

At any rate, on with the pictures! This is Club Rat and I love it! It’s a great raspberry pink with some pink/purple glass flecks. It’s so sparkly! This first picture is right after I put it on…so please excuse the mess on the cuticles!


This is a few days later (so you can see some tip wear) but you get an idea of the pink/purple flecks that just shine! This is in sunlight.20120903-094836.jpg

And indoors…I just loved wearing this color. The raspberry pink just made me smile!20120903-094844.jpg

And a closeup – You can get an idea of how well the glass flecks play in the light!20120903-094852.jpg

I picked up a few more colors in this line and I can’t wait to try them out!

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