Polka dots tutorial=Fail

Oy. This tutorial turned out horribly! At least the still pictures are ok. I was inspired to try this fun “lava lamp” polka dots nail art by a picture on instagram (@nailsandnoms). The polka dots appear somewhat like a lava lamp. Looked easy enough!

Here’s what I ended up with…


This is my left hand. My right hand didn’t end up as fabulous.

Here are the supplies you need:


Two colors of polish. I used Zoya Whitney and Shelby.
Top coat to smooth out the dots after it’s dry. Here’s my old standby, Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri.
Dotting Tool – I used my dry embosser from my paper crafting supplies. It’s got a different sized dot on either end. You can also buy a dotting tool specifically for nail art or you can make one by putting a round-headed pin into the eraser end of a pencil.
Plastic Sandwich Bag
Polish Remover – I love Zoya’s Remove+!
Cotton ball

The basic idea is to paint the base color on your nails. I used Whitney, the darker pink. Then take the tape and place it on the lower half of the nail (I used a mani that was several days old…be sure to let the base coat dry THOROUGHLY before putting tape on it) at an angle. I angled it from upper left to lower right. Paint your second color (here, the lighter pink, Shelby) on the exposed nail. Peel off the tape. Now you’ve got a fun two-toned nail.

Put one drop of your lighter color on a plastic sandwich bag and get your dotting tool. Make dots on the darker polish, starting your first row right on the edge of the lighter polish. Continue staggering the dots down. Clean off your dotting tool. Repeat this with the darker color, making dots on the lighter polish.

After it has had several minutes to dry, top it with a top coat. Be very careful when doing this because you can easily smear your dots. I waited for about 20 minutes before using my top coat. And when I did, I got a nice glop (for lack of a better word) on the brush so I wouldn’t have to spread it around as much on the nail.

So, I did this on my right hand and took pictures. I used a new app I got on my phone and it takes lots of pictures at one time. I thought I could do that and then pull out the beswt stills to show here. After I went through the 300 pictures it took and kept the best ones, I found that the app could put the good pics into a stop-motion video. Awesome! Well, not so much. But when I closed out the app, I didn’t realize I hadn’t saved the still pictures on my phone so all I have is this video…

On to the craziness:

I hope you can get the idea here. It’s a really simply design that looks more complicated. One more close up.


If you try this out, I’d love to see it! Post a link in the comments or post a pic on my Facebook page!

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