Going back to Julep

At the beginning of this year I decided to try out the Julep Maven monthly subscription program. I got the first box for $0.01 (more about that in a bit) and got two more boxes after that. You go through a survey and that is used to decide your “type.” With the first set of boxes I was American Beauty. There are 5 total “types” and you can choose which type you want each month. Or you can choose to skip a month.

At any rate, I wasn’t impressed with the colors of polish I got. With the American Beauty (and 3 other types) you get two polishes and another beauty product. I got some hand cream in one box. My most favorite was the Cuticle Oil. Not only does it smell wonderful and soaks in nicely, it comes in a great roller ball applicator which is awesome! It was my favorite thing I got from all three months of being a member.


Fast forward to now. I’ve been reading some great reviews of the Julep Polishes and decided to try it again. My first box came with this awesome blue called Amy. It applied beautifully and was perfect in two coats.


And I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I had to accent it with this awesome black and white matte glitter – Sticks ‘n Stones from Ninja Polish. I had no idea I would love a non-sparkly glitter so much!


I think part of the attraction for me was that it looked like splatter paint. Oh yes, I’m a child of the 80’s.

This glitter has small rounds, small hexes, larger hexes, small and large squares and skinny, straight pieces. There is also a very fine holo glitter in here, but I couldn’t seem to capture it in the pictures.


Ok, back to Julep. So for the October box, all the options had a crackle polish in it. Ugh. I am so not a fan of crackle! I was just going to skip the box for this month. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who didn’t much care for crackle so Julep created another box called Maven’s Choice that was three polishes *without* the crackle! Yay!

I decided to try Keira first. What a stunning cream this is! The color is so rich and the formula was pretty good. There was a bit of dragging on the first coat (which may have been user-error) but the second coat pretty much smoothed everything out. Here’s a picture I took right after applying it…so please excuse the messy cuticles.


I think this color fits right in with the oxblood color trend. (in fact, as I typed up this post I switched over to my email and had an email from Butter LONDON touting their newest color, Oxblood) It is such a wearable color and I loved it, but just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Along with the three polishes (the other two were a gray cream, Lisa and a dusty deep blue, Eloise) came two pots of loose glitter; orange and black. I actually wasn’t sure what it was at first. I read on one of the nail polish FB groups that it was loose glitter for nails! Ooooh! Glitter!

So I painted on a coat of regular clear (not quick dry) and then dipped my ring finger in the glitter. After it dried a bit I put on a pretty thick coat of quick dry on top of the glitter. NOTE: this got glitter on my brush so I ended up wiping the brush off on some paper in order to get the glitter off…no need for a random piece of orange glitter to get in some other manicure!

And here is the beautifullness…


So, so, so pretty! I couldn’t stop looking at my nails! This is when I know I have a winner!


This glitter was a top coat eater. There are probably 6 coats of clear on top to even it all out…I lost count. I just don’t like a gritty-feeling polish. Look at the depth to the glitter! It’s not just one color of orange. I think I can see at least two shades of orange and then some of the red peeks out underneath.

I’m in love… 20121004-074153.jpg

So, if you’re interested in the Julep Maven program, you can sign up here. This is my referral link, just a heads up. You can get your first box for only $0.01 with the code PENNY. After that, each box is $19.99 and ships every month. You always get to choose which profile box you’d like and you can choose to skip a month if you like and you have the option to cancel any time. There are other perks to the Maven program, too. We had the option to add on some other items with this box (I chose a white and a glow in the dark green!) at a discount. And we also have access to a Secret Store this time.

So far I’m already liking the colors offered better than a few months ago.

And I don’t want to take off this mani!

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9 Responses to Going back to Julep

  1. Thanks Martha!!! Just signed up for the Julep Maven program via your link!!!

  2. ‘Sticks ‘n Stones’ sure looks splattered and I love it! And the golden glitter makes ‘Keira’ a true beauty! WOW

  3. Naomi says:

    That blue is beautiful ❤

  4. love those colors! the wine/burgundy color is beautiful and it goes perfectly with the gold!!!

  5. Naillion says:

    These are stunning! I love!

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