Zoya Ornate Collection

Well, this post took a little while! I have decided that I’m not a blogger who wants to “swatch” polish. I want to actually wear the polish and take pictures of the pretties! Of course, there’ll be a review with most of it…but I just want the pretty pictures!!

That being said, I received the Zoya Ornate collection to review (woo hoo!) and the whole collection is amazing. The colors are great, the formula is (mostly…more on that later) great and the polish really gets noticed.

First let’s start with Aurora. She was the one I was most looking forward to seeing when I saw the press release and she does not disappoint.


Zoya describes Aurora as a “medium sugarplum purple flecked with a high concentration of micro fine diamond holographic glitter.” I have no idea what a real sugarplum looks like, (ok, just googled it…candy, can be purple, doesn’t really have anything to do with a plum. Remind me to increase my safe search settings on google) but it certainly is an amazing purple with holo glitter.

The glitter is more like glass flecks and they reflect the light beautifully. Here are a few more pictures.



Check out that holo goodness! Really amazing!


So, Aurora was really my favorite of the bunch. However, the one that came in second wasn’t the one I was expecting. More on that later, too.

Here is Storm. It’s a gorgeous black with the same micro fine holo glitter. Gorgeous. No more words.

Except that I changed my nail shape between Aurora and Storm. I’ve tried to go square several times but it just looked weird. This time I filed my nails square WITH the polish on so I wasn’t distracted by my wonky nail beds! That helped and I really like them, though, only 10 minutes into the new nail shape and the sharp corners were making me crazy.




Then we’ve got Blaze. She’s a pretty cranberry (or, in Zoya’s words: “a cool-toned medium mulberry red”) with the same holo flecks. I didn’t think this one was a holo as the first two, but it still had a beautiful shimmer. The shimmer was just more on the pink side.20121111-173451.jpg

See? You can still see the holo, but it’s more pink-toned. Still nice, but not as in your face as Aurora or Storm.



Here’s some more fun with nail art. I decided to add Zoya Ziv to the accent nail here. I just used a little nail art brush for the design. (Here’s the IG tutorial pic that I used for this design)


I didn’t really like the way this “fish scales” accent turned out, but you can see how all the colors in this collection go together! And the bottle I’m holding is Electra, also from this collection. Those shreds of holo glitter are really cool and it’s really great coverage. I’ll have to review that one later.


And here were the two I was least interested and boy was I wrong! Ziv (gold) and Logan (green) were absolutely gorgeous! (I think I need a new word)

Ziv is ” a full coverage, yellow-toned metallic gold foil with silver highlights and warm gold flake glitter accents” and it’s a stunner. You may not be able to see it in the picture, but in addition to the great reflective foil, there are those warm gold glitter pieces throughout. It gives it great depth and makes it a great polish color! One thing I found was that this one was a little difficult to apply. It was the combo of the foil and the glitter that did it, I think. So to get around that, I applied my base coat and then a top coat to make everything super smooth. Then I put on two thin coats of Ziv. That seemed to help the application go better.

Logan is “a full coverage, yellow-toned forest green with dense, foil-like yellow-gold and blue-green duochrome shimmer.” I didn’t really get the duochrome, but maybe if I wore it on a full mani, I would. Still, the color is awesome!

And here’s the “glamour shot” I posted on Instagram when I wore this polish. And it got a “like” and a comment from Zoya!! I had a fangirl moment for just a second.


I think the whole collection is awesome and I’m so glad that Ziv and Logan turned out to be better than I expected! I can see me wearing Ziv often!

You can purchase this collection online at Zoya’s website. And if you use that link (which is my referral link), and set up a new account, you’ll get a coupon for a FREE bottle of Zoya polish in your account. And if you use the coupon and add two more polishes to your order, you’ll get free shipping, too! You can find your coupon in the “My Coupons/Promos” section of your “My Account” page. You can also find Zoya on facebook, twitter and instagram. The Zoya Fairies are always up to something!

*Products provided to me for my honest review. All opinions are mine. See my disclosure policy.

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  1. DrW says:

    I would very much like these for Christmas! 😉

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