Butter London Glitter Explosion!

Have I mentioned before how much I love glitter?

Well, I just got some amazing glitter bombs from Butter London and they are absolutely gorgeous!

I couldn’t decide which one to wear, so I chose two. Makes perfect sense to me. The purple here is Shambolic. It is described as “a sheer, pinky-purple glitter with larger hexagonal lavender glitter suspended in a black base.” I love the mix of micro glitter and larger glitter! I used three coats for complete coverage, but I could have easily gotten away with only 2 (or maybe even 1) if I had used a black polish as a base coat.


On the accent nail is Fairy Cake. It’s a beautiful, silver holo glitter. As I was painting my nails, I forgot I was going to use it as an accent and had already painted my ring fingernail with Shambolic. No harm…just put Fairy Cake on top! The purple still shows through and I still get that holo yumminess!


Here are some pictures in the sunlight. The glitter is pretty much blinding.

Made it a little difficult to drive.



And the out-of-focus shot to see the sparkly goodness.


You can find Butter London glitters here (and from there you can find their other polishes) and you can also find Butter London at Ulta and Sephora.

What’s your favorite glitter polish?

*These products were purchased by me.
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