OPI Liquid Sand Get Your Number



OPI released its Mariah Carey collection – 8 colors and 4 of which debuted their Liquid Sand. It’s a textured polish that dries matte and has glints of sparkle.

I just knew I wouldn’t like this polish. I knew I wouldn’t like the texture. I love a super shiny polish. I even have to put on several coats of top coat on top of glitter so I don’t feel it. I also don’t like matte polish on me. Oh, I love to see pictures of it, but when I put it on, I just can’t let it alone…I have to top coat it with either clear or glitter.

I am so glad I went out on a limb and purchased this polish.





OPI Get Your Number is fabulous!! I looks like sanding sugar! This is three coats.



And on top of that it has these great holo glitters that sparkle!



I really tried to capture the texture in the next pictures. The polish looks like crushed rocks and gemstones. And the matte finish is awesome! I am really diggin’ this look!



I think you can see the texture in this next picture. I was afraid I wouldn’t like the texture on top. What I really didn’t like was how the polish felt on the edge of my nails. So I just took a fine nail file and gently filed off the ick. Ahhhh, much better.



It was a little different to apply than regular polish. When I put on the second coat, I put the brush just above my cuticle and push the polish back almost to the cuticle and then pull the brush up to the free edge. Because of the texture I couldn’t push the brush. But it was still really easy to control and there wasn’t much to clean up after!

Now, for a blurry picture. Love the holo!



Look at these super shorties! I had a bad break on my thumb and just started over. I will say that this polish is wearing like iron! Because my nails are so short I can’t wrap the tips with the polish like I usually do. I had on some polish yesterday and after only a few hours it chipped. This stuff isn’t going anywhere…



One last picture.



There are three more Liquid Sand polishes in this collection: Can’t Let Go (grape purple with purple glitter – I also picked this one up), Stay the Night (black with red sparkles) and The Impossible (a pink with some holo dust and silver star glitter).

What do you think about this texture? Have you tried any of these polishes?

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4 Responses to OPI Liquid Sand Get Your Number

  1. lanerbell says:

    I’m really loving this polish. I got the 4 pack minis and used The Impossible first and fell in love. Somehow it slipped out of my purse and busted in the parking lot. I mourned for a couple minutes and promptly ran out and got a full sized replacement. lol!

  2. Michelle Renee Tanodra says:

    I love this polish! This is amazing. I didn’t think I would like this but your post has changed my mind!

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