From the Vault :: OPI Pearl of Wisdom

This is from way back in my stash. This bottle of polish is the actual bottle from which came my wedding day manicure. That was almost 13 years ago! A little thinner and it was good to go.

This is two coats. And you can see the brush strokes. Frosted.



My sister did my mani on my wedding day (actually, she did it the day before, the day of she drove me to get my hair done and hit a bird on the way back home…but that’s another story for another time). She managed to get it really smooth and you couldn’t see all the brush strokes.

Here’s a picture of the label. I drew a #1 on it because I got a second bottle (yes, it’s still in my stash, never opened). You’ll notice the label has black ink. That means it was before OPI started doing their polishes 3-free. What is 3 free? All Lacquered Up has a great post, so I would direct you there to read what she’s learned. But basically, it was the removal of  Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene from the polish.


There was a color with the same name in the Hong Kong collection, but that one had more of a pink tint to it. This Pearl came out in the Far East collection in 2000.

As I was researching about this version of Pearl, I found a great tip for applying frosted polish.

TIP:: When applying frosted polish or polish where the brush strokes are evident, apply a final coat using a makeup sponge and pounce on the polish. It makes the polish almost silky-looking…and even made me actually consider keeping the polish!

Here is the mani after sponging; no top coat. If I looked really closely I could see green and pink micro-shimmer!


Another angle:


And with a top coat. It looked so much better when I wasn’t distracted by the brush strokes!


So, what do you think about this polish? Do I keep it? Find the hazardous waste plant and send it there? Swear to never wear frosted polish again?

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3 Responses to From the Vault :: OPI Pearl of Wisdom

  1. DrW says:

    Nice! It looks *almost* as good as mine! 😉

  2. lanerbell says:

    I would keep it, but I tend to be a polish hoarder. I’, sure I have tons of toxic polish that I can’t get rid of. 😉

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