Video Tutorial :: How I Apply Polish

Here’s a video showing a quick tutorial on how I paint my nails.

Please be gentle. It’s my first video. And after I uploaded it I realized that I could have probably gotten closer to my nails. Maybe in version 2…

This is exactly how and where I do my nails – sitting on the couch holding the polish bottle between my knees.

Here are some tips:

  • Don’t get the brush too close to your cuticle – put the dot of polish on your nail and then push back toward the cuticle
  • Be sure to wrap your tips. This will help immensely to avoid chipping.
  • Thin coats will dry faster and are less likely to bubble.
  • Remember your moisturizer! Keeping your hands (and consequently, your nails) moisturized will also go a long way to avoid chips.
  • Any questions about what I do for my manicures? I’ll try to answer all your questions!

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    5 Responses to Video Tutorial :: How I Apply Polish

    1. Wendi says:

      if only I HAD nails to try this! You ROCK!

    2. lanerbell says:

      Get video! I love your ring set too!

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