SquareHue :: O’Hue Collection

I’ve got the March Square Hue O’Hue Collection!

The inspiration photo they posted last month showed beer bottles. These colors are perfect!


Blonde Ale: A blonde shimmer. My son pointed out that the shimmer was different colors. It’s not a holo, but it sure does come to life in the light!

Amber Lager: A rich coppery-brown. My favorite of the three.

Patty’s Pint: The obligatory St. Patrick’s Day green. A great deep green shimmer.

The formula on these is great! It took three coats of the blonde ale to get it fully opaque, but even at two coats with VNL (visible nail line) it was still gorgeous. The other two are two coaters – and I’m guessing on patty’s pint since I just used it as an accent.

I am not a beer drinker. I’ve only had one beer that I liked and I know it was because the beer and glass were super cold and I loved the company. It was Killian’s Red.


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4 Responses to SquareHue :: O’Hue Collection

  1. lanerbell says:

    I love that green! It’s gorgeous.

  2. DrW says:

    Pretty! I’m liking the green & brown. Beautiful!!

  3. Must Have Boxes says:

    Gorgeous mani!

    – KW

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