Happy Purple Day!

Today over at the Project Purple house is a special day. It’s Ms. Purple’s birthday…which makes it

International Purple Day!

Purple is more than her favorite color; it’s her way of life! Seriously, all purple all the time. She is the physical embodiment of the word empurple . And she is an amazing friend. I have been blessed by her friendship!

So I’ve done this fabulous mani in honor of this fabulous lady!


This was my third try at a watermarble and I completely freaked out that it worked! I think the key was the water…I used a bottle of water that had been sitting around. All the tutorials I have read specify room temperature filtered water.

Here is my thumbnail – the first dip. Too awesome!


I watched many tutorials on YouTube on this technique and did this when I knew I’d have plenty of time. My husband was out with a friend and the kids were watching a movie. Two hours later, I had this amazing mani!


And no, those two hours were not wasted. I thought about my friend the whole time! What a nice way to spend a few hours…thinking of how blessed you are by a friendship!

Polish used: Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Sweet Tooth and Candy Coated, Orly Charged Up

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4 Responses to Happy Purple Day!

  1. Wendi says:

    I have the GREATEST friend EVER!!!!!!!

  2. Craftynail says:

    This looks amazing! I love the cool stripey effect!

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