Disturbed Potions Review


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Have you seen the Disturbing Behavior store? I haven’t tried any of the polishes (though I’ve got my eye on a few) but I am IN LOVE with Annette’s Disturbed Potions! The balms, creams and butters are fabulous!

My favorite product is the whipped Everything Balm. This is the jumbo size…1 oz. And look at her great label! If I were thinking clearly when I took the picture, I’d have gotten it straight. I think I was blinded by the spectraflair topcoat I had just put over my watermarble…


Anywho, here is the description from her site:

The Everything Balm is a whipped balm, the base is a beeswax, shea butter, coco butter lotion base with so many oils it makes this balm smooth and creamy in this Whipped form, This balm has a minty lemon aroma. It can be used on cuticles, cuts, scraps, stretch marks, burns, scars (I have used this to successfully fade and reduce the size of my surgery scars) This balm contains almond, apricot kernel, hemp, coffee, grape seed. Coconut oils to name a few, it also contains lemon, lemongrass, cypress, lavender oils. Also contains tons of vitamins and minerals to help heal and sooth.

She says the scent is a minty lemon, but I think it smells more like lemon vanilla. At any rate, it smells delicious! I have used this on my cuticles and especially on places where I’ve gotten a pulled hangnail or some other unsightly place on my fingers. I use it every night as a lip balm and I wake up with super smooth lips. I haven’t tried it as an under eye cream, but the description says it can help reduce bags and wrinkles.

You can buy this in a few sizes. A little really goes a long way, but I don’t want to run out of this! Here’s a comparison of the 1 oz. jumbo jar compared to an 8 gram pop top tub.


I have tried a few other products from her Disturbed Potions line:

Natural Body Butter Hemp Seed Oil and Jasmine – This is a very emollient body butter. The smell is a little odd to me, but it’s probably the jasmine or hemp seed oil. The good thing is that the scent is not strong at all and goes away pretty quickly. I mostly smell it when it’s in the jar and right when I put it on.

Cocoa/Shea Body Butter – Again, a great body butter that feels great on! I received a very small sample of this in a previous order.

I have some other products that aren’t on her site right now. She’s either reformulated them into something else or she just doesn’t have them available right now.

I really love these products, with my most favorite being the Everything Balm. And not only are these great products, but Annette is super sweet and loves sharing her ever increasing knowledge of natural oils and butter with us through her potions!

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2 Responses to Disturbed Potions Review

  1. lanerbell says:

    I find myself wanting to try EVERY DP item in her shop! Love it!

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