Square Hue :: Madonna Collection


What an odd box this month. Square Hue’s May box was an all pink collection. Called the Madonna collection – not for the woman with the cone bustier, but the for “the lady.”

The three polishes were:

  • Happy Creme :: a bubblegum pink creme
  • Mother’s Pearl :: a medium pink frost
  • Day Glow :: a dark pink neon jelly

Well, Happy Creme was streaky and finally smoothed out after three coats, Mother’s Pearl was a matronly frost that showed every.single.brush.stroke and imperfection on the nail and Day Glow was an uneven jelly and even after three coats was still showing VNL (visible nail line).


Not terrible in these pictures.

But I was determined to like these polishes because the colors are so pretty, so I forged ahead…


Here’s my May Square Hue Skittles mani.

The pointer finger is two coats of Happy Creme, a little thicker than normal. The middle finger has an undies coat of Milani White on the Spot. That seemed to smooth things out for the two coats of Mother’s Pearl. The nail imperfections and brush strokes don’t show here! Just a smooth frost finish. I like! The ring finger is a watermarble with Happy Creme and Day Glow. Day Glow is super bright here! The pinkie finger also has a base coat of Milani White and then two coats of Day Glow. It’s still pretty bright, but a much darker pink that what came up on the watermarble. And the thumb (pictured in the circle) is my first try at sugar spun nail art. I used Mother’s Pearl and Day Glow for the stringies. And I haven’t put a top coat on this one…it’s super textured.

What do you think? Have you signed up for Square Hue yet?

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5 Responses to Square Hue :: Madonna Collection

  1. Lovely! What do you use to curve the watermark so it fits the sahe of your nail?

  2. lanerbell says:

    I love the sugar spun look but I cannot figure it out! Did you use a tutorial?

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