piCture pOlish :: Tiffany


This is my first piCture pOlish and I love it! It’s an Australian brand and I purchased mine from llarowe.com (which also sells other “exotic” brands of polish – worth a looksee!).

Anyway, this is Tiffany.


The color is just a bit more minty in real life. It applied just a bit streaky on the first coat but it evened out by the second. And I thought the brush was really long, but it didn’t cause a problem with application.

Have you ever tried piCture pOlish brand polish? Check them out on Instagram!

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3 Responses to piCture pOlish :: Tiffany

  1. I’m a huge fan of piCture pOlish and this one is so pretty! Perfect shade for Spring 🙂

    • What are some other favorites from piCture pOlish? I know this won’t be my only one!

      • If you like a gorgeous duochrome glitter topper than I’d recommend Mask-A-Rade. My favorite reds are Monroe and O’Hara. And a gorgeous purple is Warning.
        If you love duochromes you really should take a look at the polishes by Ozotic, also available through piCture pOlish 😀

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