Neon Lime Crime


This is Pastelchio by Lime Crime. Isn’t it lovely? I posted a skittles mani on Instagram with most of this collection back in February when I bought them.

Pastelchio by Lime Crime :: on

I’ve really wanted some neon polish for my nails since the middle of the month when I bought the China Glaze Sunsational Summer Collection 2013. But I’ve been busy with volunteer work so there wasn’t too much time to paint my nails. I haven’t received the CG neons yet, so to my stash I went. This was perfect! And perfectly bright!

The accent nail is done with acrylic paint and a little tiny nail art paint brush. Nothing fancy and since it’s acrylic paint, I can just wipe it off if I mess up! Bonus! This was attempt #3. Then I put on a top coat of Seche Vite to seal in the art. Easy peasy!

Have you tried any of the Lime Crime polishes? What’s your favorite neon polish?

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