A Special Request :: Matte Shiny Mix

My college roomie texted me a few days ago asking for instructions and best products to do this mani.

She wants navy instead of black (the polish used was actually deep purple). I first suggested a good navy polish and a good matte top coat along with a shiny top coat. I think, though, that starting with a matte polish was best.

I tried out the mani, but with a summer feel.


This is Zoya Lolly (a hot pink matte) with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri clear top coat free-handed along the tips. Of course, you could use tape on the nail to make a cleaner, straighter line.


I think it turned out nicely and quite summery! Pretty simple to do when you’ve got the right tools.

Products purchased by me.

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6 Responses to A Special Request :: Matte Shiny Mix

  1. MASPOOASE says:

    What a lovely colour! I love matte & shiny together, have got it on my nails right now! Great post x x x

  2. foxiemama3 says:

    I love it…..and you! Thanks for indulging me!!!!

  3. kandrezzy says:

    Adorable! I’ve got to get myself some matte nail polish

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