Blog Birthday!! Zoya!! Giveaway!!


In just 4 more days, this blog will celebrate its very first birthday! So let’s kick off the festivities with one awesomely awesome post – and be sure to read all the way to the end… *wink*


Here is the Zoya Fall 2013 PixieDust collection. All are two coats of polish with no base coat or top coat (unless stated otherwise).


Tomoko: Champagne Silver. Exclusive Zoya PixieDustTM – Textured Matte Sparkle formula (silver sparkle)

This color is so fancy! A beautiful neutral sparkly matte!


Chita: Jade Green. Exclusive Zoya PixieDustTM – Textured Matte Sparkle formula (silver sparkle)

I love how this green looks on me.


Sunshine: Van Gogh Blue Exclusive Zoya PixieDustTM – Textured Matte Sparkle formula (silver sparkle).

This blue ended up being my favorite from the collection. I love all of them, but there’s just something about how warm and sweatery-feeling this polish is.


Carter: Regal Violet. Exclusive Zoya PixieDustTM – Textured Matte Sparkle formula (magenta sparkle).

This is three coats of Carter. And that magenta sparkle is amazing!


Arabella: Rich Fuchsia. Exclusive Zoya PixieDustTM – Textured Matte Sparkle formula (magenta/silver sparkle).

So bright and cheery with the two different sparkles.


Dhara: Dazzling Copper. Exclusive Zoya PixieDustTM – Textured Matte Sparkle formula (copper/gold metallic sparkle).

It really is dazzling and firey.

There really isn’t a bad polish color in this collection. And you’ve got to love the durability of these PixieDusts.

Wanna see a quick gradient with Arabella and Dhara? I put on a base of Dhara and then brushed on Arabella (with the polish brush pretty dry).


Now…who wants to win a full set (all six polishes) of the Fall 2013 Zoya PixieDusts?

And I have 3 (three!!!) sets to give away! Just enter using the Rafflecopter link below. The giveaway is open to the continental USA and will end at midnight on August 10th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Polish in this post as well as giveaway items have been provided by PR.

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287 Responses to Blog Birthday!! Zoya!! Giveaway!!

  1. Terresa says:

    Tomoko is right up my alley, and I LOVE the pixie dusts!

  2. Vicki says:

    Sunshine is my fav! Loving the blue!

  3. Kim says:

    I like tomoko!

  4. KeishaHD says:

    My fav is Tomoko!!

  5. Mariela T. says:

    I like Arabella 🙂

  6. Sunshine,hands down 🙂

  7. trixx says:

    Carter is my favorite!

  8. Itsara says:

    I love Tomoko!!!

  9. karen says:

    Sunshine looks amazing! a little ironic about the name but I just can’t believe how gorgeous the silver and blue complement each other!

  10. eklinman says:

    Its hard to pick! Carter is BEAUTIFUL but there is something about Tomoko…

  11. Krystle says:

    Totally loving the Tomoko: Champagne Silver!!! It looks perfect for date nights ❤

  12. laura Butler says:

    I love Dhara: Dazzling Copper!!!

  13. Lisa L says:

    Chita is gorgeous!

  14. CAROLYN MAZZEO says:

    I love Regal Violet 😉

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  16. BreAnne says:

    I LOVE Tomoko!! Its gorgeous.

  17. berkleygirl says:

    Sunshine is easily my favorite. I can’t resist a dark blue!

  18. Tiffani W. says:

    Dazzling Copper is my favorite at the moment, but they’re all beautiful!

  19. LOVE Sunshine! It stole my heart at blue and sparkles ❤

  20. Kathy Gledhill says:

    I’m so excited with the new Pixie Dust colors LOVE CARTER

  21. Rosemary ford says:

    Regal violet is my favorite

  22. Nancy C. says:

    Love sunshine

  23. Claira Vo says:

    Tomoko is my favorite – perfect nail color for my winter wedding!!

  24. Kaitlin mohr says:

    Love these! Zoya nailpolish is the best! Love pixie dust! The new fall colors are AMAZING! So in love!! Hope I win!! 💋

  25. Sunshine is my favorite!

  26. Becki Mayo says:

    I love them all! But I think the Arabella is my favorite!

  27. C Hipke says:

    Sunshine is pretty nice and is a good fall color.

  28. ruthgbcn says:

    Carter for sure!

  29. Juliana says:

    It is a tie between Carter & Sunshine!

  30. Amy says:

    Arabella is my favorite

  31. anissa says:

    purple is my favorite color so i’ll have to name Carter as my fave – BUT i love this entire collection! just what i’ve been hoping to see in the textured polishes, deep, rich jewel tones! i ❤ zoya!

  32. kieraboda says:

    Arabella is gorgeous!! Right up my alley! The pixie dust polishes are AMAZEBALLS!!

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  34. Angela says:

    Tomoko looks beautiful!!

  35. Ann Lavertu says:

    Love Arabella!

  36. Susan says:

    Love Carter and Arabella!! Dhara is a good neutral too.

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  38. Katey says:

    Love the PixieDust formula! Can’t wait to grab Carter one of these days.

  39. J Uejio says:

    like Arabella

  40. Lily says:

    I just really need carter in my life

  41. Kendra B says:

    Zoya Dhara looks like the perfect cheer-me-up color for those gloomy days! And the perfect manicure shade for October 🙂

  42. Nicole LaRussa says:

    These are all great colors but if I could only get one it would be Tomoko!!

  43. scarletmandy says:

    Tomoko!! It’s beautiful!

  44. Heidi Jackson says:

    Sunshine is my fav. You don’t think this style of polish is to young for “mature” ladies?

  45. I dont own zoya polish, would be nice to text those lovelies out<3

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