Nail Art Inspired by…

Today’s mani was inspired by a post I saw over on The Little Canvas. I fell in love with the colors she used and since I had them in my stash, I went for it!


I did make a small change. She used the striping tape and then painted in each diamond. I decided to use a makeup sponge and do a gradient over the tape.


I love how it turned out!

Polish used: Zoya Carter, Liberty and Tomoko (provided by PR)

What do you think?

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11 Responses to Nail Art Inspired by…

  1. lanerbell says:

    I love this!! I saw your first post on this on FB and I love it. Your take on it is perfect.

  2. uknailrunner says:

    Very pretty! I love how the textured polishes work together in gradients!

  3. Kitsu says:

    This is so pretty!

  4. Gorgeous!!!! Love the gradient instead of filling in the checkers like I did! Thank you so much for tagging me on Instagram today! Love your blog and your nails!!! ❤

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