LVX Fall 2013 Collection :: Swatches and Review

Provided by PR for review.

I recently received three polishes from the LVX Fall 2013 Collection. I knew I was going to like them as soon as I opened the package!

Before I get to the polish, a little about LVX. First, it’s pronounced lux and it is Latin for the essence of all color. Great name for a polish line! They are 5-free (free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, and Camphor) and are vegan-friendly.

Now on to the color.

This is Azzurrum, a beautiful navy blue creme.

LVX Azzurrum on

I really liked this one. I’m sure it looked black to others but I could tell it was blue and not black. The formula was very good. This is two coats with Seche Vite on top.

This is Relique, a beautiful taupe creme with plum undertones. This one also had a great formula. Again, two coats with SV.

LVX Relique on

And here’s my favorite of the bunch, and the one that cause me the most heartache. May I introduce you to Cashmere, described on the LVX site as a dove gray or a cool gray and it is another creme.

LVX Cashmere on

Ah. So pretty. And the perfect way to rock the white nail trend without looking like you got after your nails with Wite-Out.

This was the first of the three that I tried. The square lid comes off revealing a smaller, round brush handle, very similar to Butter London. I pulled the brush out and saw that it was a flat brush. I love flat brushes! With the round brushes I’m always trying to find the perfect side where the bristles lay the best. No searching with the flat ones; it’s either one side or the other. Well, the brush on this had one good side and one really messed up side. Kinda like someone painted a wall with it then stuck it in the bottle. (Thanks, Dad, for the image.)

And then, when I used the one good side, the bristles flared out very flat at the bottom instead of having a slight curve (that would go with a cuticle line). But I forged ahead and polished. It took three coats to clear out all the streaks, but I would expect that from an off-white/light gray polish. It looked gorgeous, but there was lots of clean up.

So I’m going along with this pretty light gray on my nails and read a review on Taneja’s Bride and she said her Cashmere was almond. What? How could her bottle be almond and mine gray? Even her picture showed it as almond. So I went back to my pictures and lookie here…

LVX Cashmere on

This was actually the first picture I took of this polish. I was in my living room with the sun streaming in the windows. I figured it was a great place to take a nice, full sun picture. I hadn’t noticed that the polish looked almond! I took a second picture of the polish outside in the daylight (not in full sun) and that’s the picture at the beginning of this description.

Now let’s look at these two side by side.

LVX Fall 2013 collection on

I learned that apparently my windows let in lots of yellow light in order to make this polish pull so almondy!

And so my review of the polish – I love the polish, just wasn’t a fan of the messed up brush in Cashmere. But it happens. I’ve gotten a bad brush in a-england, Zoya and OPI. These colors are great for fall and I love that they’re not all dark, vampy shades. I’ll be wearing them (especially Cashmere) again!

You can find LVX on their website at and there is a link of Stockists that shows online stores as well as stores that carry the brand in various US cities. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the username shoplvx.

Which of these is your favorite?

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5 Responses to LVX Fall 2013 Collection :: Swatches and Review

  1. Kitsu says:

    I love Cashmere!

  2. lanerbell says:

    I think I like Azzurrum the best, but they’re all gorgeous!

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