Sinful Colors :: Leather Loose

A few weeks ago, I got a great package in the mail…the whole Sinful Colors Leather Luxe collection from lanerbell over at Just the Polish! Wow! Seven polishes that are all a matte finish! How had I missed hearing about any of these?


This is Leather Loose, a beautiful brown jelly with these copper and gold microflakes. And the matte is amazing!

I had to look up some reviews of this collection and found one that was particularly interesting. Amanda over at Pretty Girl Science had a great review. But my favorite part was where she described this one with a top coat. She said it looked like “smoldering root beer.” I could not have come up with a better description!

Check this out…


Two coats of HK Girl and look at how the sparkles come out!

Have you seen this collection? What have you picked up?

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5 Responses to Sinful Colors :: Leather Loose

  1. lanerbell says:

    I’m so glad you like it! I think this one is my favorite in the collection.

  2. alizeth says:

    Thats my favorite shade outta that collection!

  3. This shade is brilliant!

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