A Very Special Mani

Earlier this week, I was given a very special manicure. It was Mom’s Day at my daughter’s kindergarten class. We got to spend the day with our kids and see what a “Day in the Life of our Kindergartner” was like. In addition to seeing their routine, we were treated to an arm massage and a mani. There were plenty of polishes for each child to choose from. My daughter chose the Zoya and SquareHue. =)




All the moms (I think) enjoyed their fun mani. One of the boys commented on another boy’s handiwork and said, “It looks like silver glitter over mustard.” Ha!



The mom in the background here had a fabulous mani that probably would have taken days to dry if she hadn’t cleaned it up some!



And my blogger hand pose pictures…




I did wear this all day. I even wore it to the school fundraising dinner that evening as did many other moms. I changed the polish that evening after the kids went to bed. My daughter noticed the new color on my nails the next morning and said, “She changed her polish because she’d already had it on one day!” Love her!

Have you ever let your child paint your nails?

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6 Responses to A Very Special Mani

  1. Joy says:

    Such a nice day with your daughter. Great way to start taking care if your hands and nails.

  2. Kitsu says:

    Aww that sounds so fun! I’ve offered to do my mom’s nails for her so many times, but she’s never taken me up on that.

  3. Craftynail says:

    Very sweet post here!

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