Cult Nails :: Ay, Poppy

Cult Nails had a sale so I picked up a few polishes. This is the first one I tried:

Ay, Poppy

Such a great red creme! The Cult Nails site describes it as bright orange. It’s a very orangy red. And it applied so smoothly and easily. This is two coats topped with HKGirl. There is still a little VNL, but strangely enough, I’m ok with it!

Funny story… I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I posted a picture of my tea mug on my personal Facebook page – and you can see my bright (orange) red nails in the pic. Many of my friends said they were sorry I didn’t feel well, but my nails looked great! Cracked me up!

There were a few more I ordered in the sale, so be watching for those reviews!

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2 Responses to Cult Nails :: Ay, Poppy

  1. This is such a gorgeous red color, it’s almost blinding! 🙂

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