Of Mice and Nails

Well, it’s almost the new year, but I must share my Christmas mani.

My family spent 4 great days at Disney World. And there was no way I wasn’t going to incorporate Mickey on my nails somewhere!


My index finger had a cute gold Mickey head for the tree topper. I made a stencil with my Cameo for that.

My middle finger has the cute Mickey pants. The buttons are acrylic paint.

My ring finger was my favorite! I painted the silver holo first then put the Mickey head sticker I made on top and painted black over it. Then I pulled off the sticker and top coated.

My pinky finger was simply painted then I put a smaller Mickey head sticker on it.

I decided that the Christmas tree didn’t really go with the rest if the mani so I ended up just painting my index fingernail green holo.


And darn it all if I forgot to show Mickey my nails! I did get a great big hug and smooch – and he was quite enamored with my appreciative laugh.

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