To Tide You Over

On my week-long vacation at Disney World, I ended up not moisturizing at all. I took lotion and cuticle oil with me, but alas, I was exhausted!

And those 5 days of not keeping up with that led to an ugly spot on my swatching hand that got infected and hurts. So I trimmed my nails down really short and have been without polish for 5 days now. I’m frequently oiling my cuticles and keeping lavender and tea tree oil on the infected spot.

So, until that clears up, let me leave you with this picture of the gorgeous Sally Hansen Insta Dri Red-io Active. This is one of the most beautiful shimmer reds I’ve seen! It glows!


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5 Responses to To Tide You Over

  1. Oh I’m sorry about your hand! Was it a hangnail that got infected or something else?
    I sort of know what you’re talking about, as I left for a two weeks trip and left my homemade cuticle oil home – I only took my CND cuticle oil. When I came home, my nails and cuticle literally cheered when they saw our homemade oil. It was bad.
    I add lavender to it ! : ) Do you like the smell or is it only the antiseptic properties?

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