First Leopard Print

I finally decided to try some leopard nail art.

I know! Have I been living under a rock?

The base color is Formula X for Sephora in Hercules. It’s a great color all on its own!


But I wanted to take it up a notch, so I thought I’d try my hand at leopard spots. All the tutorials make it look so easy!

Well, I can see how it’s one of the easier types of nail art. I don’t think I quite have it down yet, though.

It looks a little like pink camo to me.

Would you try this look?

Polish used:
Formula X for Sephora Hercules – medium pink/base
OPI Chic from Ears to Tail – light pink spots
Formula X for Sephora – deep purple accents

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4 Responses to First Leopard Print

  1. kristensehn says:

    Great job! I really love the combination of the colors!


  2. thebubblybrunette says:

    Beautiful, girly design 🙂 Hercules is a gorgeous color!

  3. I know what y mean about it looking a bit like camp print! But both camo and leopard print are great designs and I love the colour combo!

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