Zoya Cosmo :: Magical Pixie!

Provided for review.

I have been looking forward to these since I saw the press release! I loved the Pixie Dusts (and Zoya is one of my top faves) so I was certain I’d love these.

There are three colors in this collection: Cosmo (swatched here), Vega (blue) and Lux (a rose pink).

I tried on Vega first. I hated it. The first coat was ok, but the second coat was a blobby, gooey mess. I almost gave up on the other two right there. I went searching for some other reviews and I read that the trick was thin coats, working with the chunkiness of the polish. I also read that Vega was the thickest of the three.

I tried it again with Cosmo. This time with three thin, patient coats.


Gorgeous! There wasn’t much sun when I took this first picture, but you can just see the big holo glitter sparkling. This polish is quite a bit more textured than the Pixie Dusts. With the addition of the chunky glitter, it’s extra textured. I felt like I was wearing stone on my nails.

Here’s another picture when the sun made a quick appearance…


I think you can see the texture here. I really liked this one and I have hope for the other two now.

Have you tried the Magical Pixies?

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