Some Julep Nail Art

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Are you a Julep Maven?

I have been for a while now and I really like their polishes. The colors are great (except for the random icky green one) and the formula is nice.

Here is Julep Rae with Margaret on the accent. I cut out the chevron strips to use as masks from blue painters tape and my chevron scrapbooking scissors.

See, utilizing my whole crafting supply…


This is a watermarble using polishes from the Contemporary Neutrals set I purchased from the Secret Store last month. I thought it looked like swirly chocolate milk. Yum!


And how about this beauty that I did for my friend’s birthday? She loves purple so this was perfect. The jewels are again from my crafting stash. They were pretty big and just stuck on there with the sticky that was already on the back.

They didn’t make it through my nap…


You can find Julep polishes on their website. Signing up to be a Maven gets you a great discount on these polishes as well as access to the secret store where you can find even more deals.

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