Spring Waterfall Mani

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I got this Wizard of Oz Collection from the Julep store last month and I just had to do some springy nail art with it. But I didn’t have lots of time.

Enter the waterfall mani!


The base color is Emerald City. This is the perfect green for my skin tone! The first layer of stripes is Glinda the Good Witch, a frosty pearl. The next layer is Tin Man. I’m going to have to swatch this one on its own…it’s an amazing silver holo! And the final layer is Ruby Slippers. It’s a red glitter topper. I think it looks like a flower garden!

The set comes in this great foiled box. It was really hard to photograph so pardon the shadows.


And the inside…


What do you think of this collection? You can buy it here: The Wizard of Oz Collection

Are you a Julep Maven?

Want to see more Nail Colors? They’ve recently updated that page for more color goodness!


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2 Responses to Spring Waterfall Mani

  1. TheFoxieMama says:

    I think, that if you look at it right side up (or, would it be upside down?….cuticles down….) it actual looks like an abstract Emerald City. Very cool!

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