Ultra PixieDust!

Meet Oswin. Isn’t she beautiful?



This is one of three polishes in Zoya’s new Ultra PixieDust collection. This makes the third type of PixieDust that Zoya has created. The original was PixieDust, then came Magical PixieDust and now Ultra PixieDust. You can see my swatches of the different types if you follow each link.

This is three coats of Orwin without base coat or top coat per Zoya’s recommendation. The key to this type of polish is thin coats and to let them completely dry in between coats. I’ve found that if you don’t give them plenty of dry time between coats, they end up looking not nearly as matte. You’ll also notice (or maybe you won’t until I point it out) that there is a sliver glitter piece on my ring finger. This mani is on its second day of wear and some of the chunkier glitter places actually chipped off. I don’t think it ruined this mani in any way, but if you don’t like it, you could always put another coat on the top or use a toothpick and just put a tiny dot over any silver spots that show up.

So what’s the difference between the three? They’re all matte and textured, but original PixieDust has a sugared sparkle, Magical PixieDust has “Mega Hex Iridescent Particles,” and Ultra PixieDust has the large hex glitter, but they’re not iridescent/holographic. They’re all gorgeous!

And for all of you Doctor Who fans, yes, the beautiful polish is named for Oswin Oswald. We know her now as Clara. My husband doesn’t like her as a companion but I think she’s adorable!


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