Julep Christmas

I haven’t done a watermarble in a while so I decided Christmas one would be fun! I tried out several combos of polishes before I settled on these and they marbled really well.


They remind me of ribbon candy. My sis said they reminded her of those dipped wax candles they used to make at the mall. You know the ones? Several dips in different colors then they would cut and design these awesome candles. I remember one year that was what I really wanted for Christmas and that’s what my sister got me! She’s so awesome!

White base is Julep Brigitte
Red is Julep Myrtle
Green is Julep Celia

This close up really shows the flaws, but they really do look great!

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One Response to Julep Christmas

  1. popmodblog says:

    Absolutely love these! What a great effect

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