Zoya Delight

Media Sample

I received the Zoya Delight collection in the mail and had to try it out right away. The colors are so happy and so candy-sweet!

Here is a mani with Eden, described as a classic spring flower pink cream with an accent watermarble. For the watermarble I used Eden, Tiana (pistachio gelato green cream) and Rayne (dewy, spring blue metallic). The reason I didn’t use Lillian, the faded aquamarine cream, is because the bottle I received had a broken neck and it made the polish super goopy. I’ve decanted it into an empty polish bottle and worked some polish renewal drops into it.


The holo sparkle top coat I put on my middle finger is an unnamed spectraflair top coat I bought ages ago.

How about another close up?


And this watermarble was the easiest clean up ever. I used some hair bonding glue
(which is basically liquid latex, similar to Liquid Palisade ) and painted it around my nail and finger. After I dipped in the marbled polish, I just pulled the latex off! Easy peasy!

Are you ready for spring colors? Or are you still enjoying the deep winter colors?

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One Response to Zoya Delight

  1. itsmeibfre says:

    Pretty colors! Thanks for tip on the glue~~

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