Orly LA Selfie 

Get out your sunglasses, folks. This is a bright one!

I noticed some bright Orly polish at Target the other day so when I went back, I actually got a closer look. I was hoping it was the summer 2015 collection but it was actually their new Color Amp’d line, exclusive to Target. 

Here’s a graphic about the system straight from their website:


I picked up the boxed set that had a polish and the Sealcoat. The polish included was LA Selfie. I applied the polish just as the instructions stated: two coats of polish (no base coat) and one coat of the Sealcoat. This picture is in direct sunlight. 



And this one is in the shade. 


You can see the polish is a little different color from the bottle. This is my only complaint. The bottle is wrapped in colored plastic so you can’t actually see the color (or the amount in the bottle).  The Sealcoat dried really quickly, which I liked. I didn’t test out the “smudge proof” claim but I’m sure I’ll have a chance again. This neon pink is awesome! As for the “long wearing” claim, I can’t speak to that yet either. I just put it on yesterday and it looks great. I think this would also make a great pedi shade. 

Do you like neon polishes? What’s your favorite brand/shade of neon? I dot have nearly enough in my stash!

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