More Disney Nails!

I had the pleasure of painting Disney nails for two girls today. They’re going to Disney soon and the mom thought that themed nails would be fun! She was right…I’m just glad they didn’t want a portrait of Cinderella in a full-length ball gown!

I did the 5th grader’s nails first. She had beautiful nails! I painted polka dots on her pinky using white acrylic paint and my dotting tool. The middle finger is Mickey ears, again using the acrylic paint and dotting tool. For the index and ring fingers, I painted on a silver, then a coat of silver holo sparkles and then use a Mickey ears decal I made with my Silhouette Cameo to cover up the silver and painted the red or black on top, then peeled off the decal. I messed up the first time and the decal peeled the silver paint right off. It was a pretty good “negative space” look, but not what we were going for. Her thumb has the cute Mickey pants!

Polish Used: Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu base coat, Zoya Sooki (red), Zoya Trixie (silver), F.U.N Lacquer silver holo glitter, Fantasy Makers black, white acrylic paint, Glisten & Glow HK Girl quick dry top coat

I did to 4 year old’s next. She wanted Minnie (the polka dots) and a Mickey head and we decided on Mickey pants for her thumb. She stayed very still while I painted her tiny nails. And when I put the buttons on the Mickey pants on her thumb, she squealed! It was too cute! I used all the same supplies as on her sister. 

A quick text to their mom last night told me that their manis were still holding up! Hope they last long enough to show Mickey and Minnie!

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6 Responses to More Disney Nails!

  1. Aunt Doc says:

    I love you.

  2. Kara Bell says:

    Really adorable nails. I showed them to my niece and she loved them. I’m going to try to do them for her tomorrow, but I’m not sure I can get the Minnie/Mickey head silhouette right. 😦

    • The silhouette is just dots. Practice a few times on some paper or something and you’ll be surprised how good they turn out! I want to see how they turn out!!

  3. kristensehn says:

    These are so so cute!!!! Can’t wait to try!


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