Jamberry Tips and Tricks

I love polish (as you well know), but I also love Jamberry Nail Wraps! I can do some nail art like polka dots, stripes using tape, watermarble, etc, but I’d never be able to paint comic strips on my nails. 

Take a look at these…

Awesome, right? Unfortunately this wrap, PopStar, is retired, but it was really popular so maybe something similar will come along.  

At any rate, I put these on Thursday night in order to wear them to church camp over the weekend where our theme was Super Heroes. I thought this was an excellent opportunity to pull out this special wrap. And I wanted to be sure they stayed on. Really well. Because I didn’t need to take a whole lot of supplies to church camp to fix a nail. Because, really? I did have a nail file. I didn’t go totally backwoods. 

So I did a few things differently for the application of these. First, I used a “sticky” base coat – Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu. I had read from other consultants that the Jamberry base coat helped their wraps staying power. I don’t have the Jamberry base coat, but I have plenty of others! My next change up was using the “baseball method” when applying the wrap. You can google plenty of videos of how to do this, but here’s the scoop:

Cut a very skinny notch on either side of the wrap toward the cuticle end, like this (but much skinnier)…


I have domed nails which means they aren’t completely flat from cuticle to tip. They curve there as well as the regular curve from side to side. Because of that, I was always getting bubbles or puckers on the side of some nails. Or I would get puckers along the free edge of the wrap. Both issues cause the wrap to not stay on very well and looking nice. So, using this notch method, you put the wrap on after cutting the notch and press it from the middle bottom (cuticle) up toward the middle free end. Then you press from the middle bottom out to the side, making sure the bottom flap is secured. Then you press from the middle top edge down toward the side notch. The notch helps the wrap to lay flat all around. Here’s an up close pic…
See the little notches at the arrows? There are notches on the other sides, too. And don’t mind the wear on the free edge of these wraps. This is my right hand and as much as I try to avoid using my nails as tools, sometimes I do…like untying knotted shoe laces after a camper’s trip to the pool. Oh, well. 

I’m happy to say that there are no puckers on my wraps! Yay!

The last thing I did differently was to use a glass file to file off the extra wrap instead of the Jamberry file (in the first picture). A glass file is a really fine grit. The Jamberry file is a really course grit. When you use a course grit file, it shreds the end of the wrap and makes it much easier for it to start lifting. With the glass file, it’s much smoother and stays down better. I can already tell I’m going to get a much longer wear time out of these wraps because they’re flush on my nail and smooth on the edge. 

If you’re interested in Jamberry wraps, you can visit my consultant’s site and check them out! What’s your favorite wrap?

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