This mani has a secret…

Media Sample sent for review.


Well, it could be that the polish color is actually neon pink. But that’s not it. My camera just couldn’t handle the beautiful hydrangea and the neon all at the same time! This is a soak-off gel polish from Jamberry (Mr. DJ from the TruShine system). The secret to this mani allowed me to take only 10 minutes to remove these gel nails without soaking!

Ok, here’s the secret…

Nail Bliss sent me this NailGuard to review and let me say, I love it! You can use it under any kind of polish and removal is super quick! So, I tried this under a gel mani because I always have the hardest time taking the gel off. It soaks and there are still bits left so I soak again. Or I give up and finally buff the small bits off. That’s not the best for my nails. And imagine this under a heavy glitter polish!

One package comes with 3 sets of guards which is enough for at least 3 manis. The extras can be used on accent nails for later manis. The guard is a super thin plastic (vinyl?) material. They won’t dry out after they’re open. The guard is between two pieces of plastic.

You pull the NailGuard off the strip – they’re perforated which makes it easy. I used a sheet of Jamberrys to figure out which strips to pick for each nail. After you pull the NailGuard off, you can take off the sticker backing. You’re left with a NailGuard attached to a sturdy enough piece of plastic.

You press the sticky part on your nail and it pulls away from the plastic top. Then you pull away the plastic top.

And you’re left with this super thin NailGuard! It went on really easily and since it was so thin, there wasn’t any worry about bubbling or not conforming to your nail shape like you might get with Jamberry wraps or other nail wraps.

Then you just file off the excess and your nails are ready for polish! All the nails have the NailGuard applied in this next picture. See how they’re a little shiny? (and try not to see how they’re dry – it’s the middle of a mani!)

Then I just applied and cured the gel base coat, gel and gel top coat as directed. There was no evidence that the NailGuard was even under there!

And when I was finished with this mani, it was so easy to remove! I dipped my orange stick in some polish remover and gently pried up the edge of the polish. After that, I kept putting remover under the NailGuard with my orange stick and it peeled right off with no nail damage. Yea!!

So, I really liked the product and I intend to use it again. Nail Bliss NailGuard is $3.99 at Sally Beauty Supply. That’s just over $1 per mani to keep your frustration level to a minimum when removing soak-off gel without the soak or removing that stubborn glitter polish. I can even see this being used on thin nails or on nails that are starting to tear.

Do you think you’d use this?

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One Response to This mani has a secret…

  1. Thank you so much for putting this on here! I have some of the nail guard, wasn’t sure when using Gel weather or not you can still use the base/top coat with the lamp. You answered all my questions! Thank you so much!😃💅🏾

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