Beeeeeutiful Rose Gold Foil!

Well, I was going for quite a while, wasn’t I? A year and a half! In that time, my kids have gotten older and are involved in more things and I’m just busier. But I’m still doing my nails!

Last Thanksgiving, I decided to try dip powder nails. They were great and really strong, but I didn’t like how thick they were. But in the 6 weeks I had them on (two different sets), my nails grew crazy long! And they’re still long. I keep thinking that every day I don’t break a nail is one more day that I’m tempting fate.

So, right now I have on this absolutely beautiful Cirque Colors Halcyon. It’s described as a “rose gold metallic polish with real silver flakes.” I just can’t quit staring at my nails!

As of today, 1/26/2018, it’s on sale at! (That isn’t an affiliate link, I just love the shop, the customer service and their great packaging!)


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